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Frequently asked questions & Clients List

What is Ecommerce Fulfilment

Ecommerce fulfilment is the process that occurs from the time an order is made on your store to the moment it is delivered to your customers' door. This process will include storage of your items, the receiving of an order, picking & packing of the item/items, despatch and finally being delivered successfully to your customer. Ecommerce fulfilment can fall under other titles such as 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), Pick, Pack & Dispatch, Order Fulfilment and so on, but they all share the same meaning and process. Order fulfilment is a process most online store owners will be familiar with and will do out of their own home. Without the necessary space, a team of people and your time being saturated by the fulfilment process your business growth can be limited. The more orders you receive the less time you will have to manage other aspects of your business i.e. marketing or social media management and eventually you will physically not be able to fulfil the orders yourself. For these reasons, this is why outsourcing your order fulfilment to an expert team like us can be a crucial part to allow your business to continue to expand and grow. We have the necessary team, a large and organised space, specialist software, better postage rates and so much more to offer your business. Using an ecommerce service has so many benefits and with ProShip Fulfilment you will get all this at an inexpensive cost.​

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with ProShip Fulfilment all you need to do is contact us on your chosen method and then provide us information on your stock and store/stores. From there we can give you an accurate quote, as well as answer any additional questions you may have. We also welcome sie visits if you wanted to see our facility too.

Does ProShip Tailor To Specific Products?

ProShip Fulfilment is willing to work with all kinds of ecommerce businesses and we mainly deal with small to medium sizes objects. To get an idea on size we deal with best, the size of a football/basketball a good example.

Can I Visit Your Facilities?

Yes you can. We are happy for our current and potential clients to visit our warehouse whenever they wish, just let us know.

Do You Provide One-Off Kitting Services?

Yes we do. If you need a one-off job completing, we would be happy to take this on for you.